Murderous Feelings... Erased by Naked Poeple On Bikes?

I was woken up by the charming sound of a huge fucking electric sander. The kind they use for floors before they revarnish. They are renovating the apartment in front of mine because new poeple are moving in next month. This has been going on for 2 weeks now. Every morning by 8am my sleep is interrupted by a different power tool.


My boyfriend and I are on an evening schedule. As some of you know Im currently on sick leave but hes working from 1 to 9pm, therefore we get up a bit later. Worst thing about it all is that they usually only work 2 or 3 hours so by 10h30, maximum 11 oclock, they are gone! To think I couldve slept until that time all those days! OMFG!!!! Im going mad! I tried to sleep in the afternoon but I just cant. Its too hot and theres too much noise outside by then.


So to calm myself down I took a walk to my nearest Tim Hortons and got me a big iced cappucino wich I enjoyed with a wake and bake joint, sort of hoping Ill want to sleep afterwards and hopefully the construction workers will be gone by then. I was uploading some videos when I hear some ringing and cheering outside...


There were a bunch of people ( I should say almost 100) on their bicycles, completely naked. Men, women, small, fat, hairy, big boobs bouncing, tiny dicks wiggling all wearing hippie body painting of flowers and such. Some have baloons, others have feathery boas and i even saw an enormous cowboy hat made of whicker with flowers all over it. I just fuckin ran outside barefoot and whistled at them and yelled YEAHHHH!!!! FUCK YEAHHHH!!!!


There were some cops on bicycles going after them and a cruiser followed with lights flashing but suprisingly enough they were not out to get them! NO!!! They are just surrounding them making sure everything runs smoothly. Nobodys getting arrested.


These naked weirdos on wheels just made my day.



Uploaded 06/13/2009
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