Music as a Weapon

Beethoven fought wars, on his piano
Bach had battles, on harpsichord
Musicians do not, drop bombs from above
The notes outrun rockets that  soar

Led Zeppelin flew without any Missiles
Guns n roses did not have any pistols
The Beatles Submarine, did not have torpedoes
one thing is sure, those hippies had weed, though

Bob Dylan made words, powerful and sharp
But he did not harm with his pacifist art

A Perfect Circle, Goes full round
Without destruction, or chaos abound

Nine inch nails, would never fail
To expose wars harsh  meaning
Trent takes it apart, your delicate heart
But never causes you bleeding

You see, theres a difference
Between Art and War
Something the Military
didnt learn from before

Its harder to make, than it is to destroy
Conflict involves battles, and brutal decoys
Try to decipher, the armys strange ploys
Is much harder than art, to stop and enjoy

To put out the flames, or rebuild homes
Bury the dead, corpses and bones
But Art is Peaceful, no one need die
the same cant be said, for wars worldwide

But music is a weapon, both powerful and strong
Just look at history, and the force of a song
To bring about change, we all need to make
more art than war, for sanitys sake

Unlike a landmine, we wont watch where were steppin
We have more power than guns, with music as our weapon

Uploaded 02/07/2012
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