My Apologies to the Good Boys and Men here.

I'm sorry if I came off as a total bitch here, I'm really not. But my apologies are for the decent young men and grown men only. The rest of you stinkers should learn some manners and stop being so abusive. There was even some low life who tried to make a joke out of beating up a girl! And of course, all the usual lame brain regurgitated, " Wash the dishes" , "Cook me supper" and the usual tirade of, "Whore, bitch and slut". Totally inappropriate, rude, low brow, unimaginative and juvenile. If you are going to insult me, at least do it with a little intellectual banter.
Since I'm new to you here, I feel it only fair that I  introduce myself properly before I continue on my rants against the chauvinistic males. I live in America, the daughter of a Baptist minister and yes, I did find one good man other than my father. Growing up all my experiences with men were horrible, they were all cheaters and liars. As a result I tried lesbianism with great success, but I wanted a family and never gave up looking for that one good man. We've been married  7 years and have a boy and girl, who by the way will become good law abiding God fearing citizens, not the scum bags I see here. If you got a problem with that, bring it on you bunch of pea brained queers!

Uploaded 08/04/2012
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