My Big Gay High School Peer Al

Brian DelkI just read the stupidest thing I have read in a long time as a reply on someone's post. " Chick-fil-a is evil. They support anti-gay groups!!!!" If you are gay, it is your choice, but a Christian based company that believes every word of God's word, is not evil. 
49938_1298761072_685490_q.jpg P.S. I love me some Jesus Chicken Sandwiches! LOL!about an hour ago ·
 so that doesn't mean that a company that hates a group of people just because it doesn't agree with someones life slyte is right. people r not to jugdeabout an hour ago · 

 Wow...hates? Hates? So if someone disagrees with a lifestyle, that's considered hate? That seems silly. I disagree with Socialism. Does that mean I hate the people who are socialists? Be very cautious about how you just throw around the word hate. That just doesn't make sense 

 when u support any anti-group it is hate

 No, that doesn't make sense. That's silly. I don't hate Socialists. I hate Socialism. Just because I disagree with their political choice doesn't mean I hate the people. Not at all.
 This is why I hate political correctness. People are no longer educated about the difference between disliking a lifestyle and disliking a person.

49938_1298761072_685490_q.jpg Jason when the bible says it is wrong, people are not judging. You are condemned by the word not man. The bible says if one man lie with another man it is an abomination of God.

UlIqmHJn-SK.gifAl Bailey Go fuck yourself, Brian. You're a fat white trash piece of shit. How's that for hate?
u beleive that. that cool. leave people alone. that easy. u dont like something then stay away from it not support hate

49938_1298761072_685490_q.jpgBrian Delk Hey Al I always thought you were a faggot. I guess you confirmed it.
 so lance does chickfila hate people or lifestyle

UlIqmHJn-SK.gifAl Bailey You'd better believe it and I have an awesome life. 
49938_1298761072_685490_q.jpgBrian Delk I am sure you are used to getting your shit pushed in by your boytfriend so you probably don't need me to give it to you metiphorically
 Jason, I honestly have no idea. I just like their chicken. ;)
I'm just saying that not everyone who disagrees with a lifestyle is a hater. I doubt they hate anyone, though...just doesn't seem very productive, and if they're believing the ...

49938_1298761072_685490_q.jpgBrian Delk I think the faggot just defriended me. LOL!
 We are directed as Christians to hate the sin not the sinner.

 i agree that disagreeing with something is fine,but to go out of ur way to support a anti-hate group is different. lance do u support an anti-socialism group? all i am saying is that not everyone believes the word of christ and to those who do, join a hate group. com'on man how can u believe in the word and do that?when u join something that is against ur fellow man. people make the lifestyle hence LIFEsytlye
 I can't speak to that. I don't really join groups.

49938_1298761072_685490_q.jpgBrian Delk Jason, God gives us choices. To follow him or not. You agree with the bible or you don't. There is no gray area. I don't hate Al. I dislike his lifestyle, but it is his right to live it. I am not going to pick on him for it unless he provokes me, like the above post. I will still help him if he is in need.
49938_1298761072_685490_q.jpgBrian Delk Anti groups just mean you are feel strongly against a belief. I am not anti-Al I am not anti-Jason. I am not anti-gay. If that is what you want fine. Its not for me. I get no attraction at looking at some dudes hairy butt. Sorry brah. Just an opinion.
 I think Jason's point is simple. Should a Christian join a group that actively participates in shutting down legislation and bills that would enable gay rights?

I follow Christ, but this isn't something I do. I prefer not to get involved w...

 yes lance that what im trying to say,but Brian being gay is not a believe

49938_1298761072_685490_q.jpgBrian Delk I do see what you are saying Jason and I do understand. I can't offer opinions on the other side because I am not gay. I can only see it from my side of the fence and what I have read in God's word to be true. People can believe in God or not. Doesn't affect me any bit. In the end I have to answer for me
49938_1298761072_685490_q.jpgBrian Delk Is anyone else hungry for a Chicken Sandwich right now? LOL!
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