My blog section.

   Hello everybody it's you're beautiful intelligent psychologist neko. I have decided to write a blog about my morning routine I hope you all enjoy it, and if you're a troll you will get neko donkey punched.
   I woke up this morning took a shower, and groomed my ass hairs than straightened them to give them that dragon ball z look. after I had finished i immediately went to my computer and got on ebaumsworld, waiting for that fat dumb bitch tyaeda to get on so I could attack her and make funny of how deformed her face is and she's probably a guy to. After I finished that I decided to look at some hot anime foot up ass fetish hentai, I grabbed my microscopic rice penis after  spending 3 hours trying to find it buried under my fat hairy stomach. I grabbed my tweezers and started going at it, after about 3 minutes i finally came and cleaned my self off. I get back on ebaumsworld and wait for more assholes to attack me so i may continuously log into my 50 alternate accounts and thumb them down and myself up until i look like i won.
This has been my morning routine, I would add some gay inuyasha music or some shit but I'm trying to keep this blog a little more straight than all my others.
Uploaded 08/27/2011
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