My Brothers First Fight

I was a junior in high school and my brother was in 6th grade when the fight happened. 

Lets go back a few years. We recently moved from California to the other side of America. Fitting in was easy to him then for me. But as soon as we moved my brother just got an enemy.

His name was Douglas. A human waste. He had no future. All he did was get into trouble. Once we arrived he started stuff.

My brother was in 4th grade, I was in 8th. This kid destroyed our neighborhood sign, he broke light poles spray painted houses.

I was pissed, but I wasn't going to kick some kids ass, just as long as he didn't touch my house.

I felt bad for my brother, Dexter. We call him Dex. He had to put up with Douglas for about 3 years.

My brother is a smart kid and doesn't deserve to be treated how Douglas treated him. He would come home from school almost crying because Douglas threatened him on the school bus.

My brother still continued with his life. He had a best friend named Ryann. He was a nerd like my brother. very geeky, small, wore glasses, thin.

A year had past fulled of insults and punches to the back of the head.

5th grade came. My brother was scheduled to be in a hut. Douglas was too, the same one. Dexter will start to fail projects because Douglas ruined them. And the teacher ignored everything Douglas did because of how he would react.

He would fake cry or threatened the teachers.

Doug was splashing kids with muddy water and Dexter wasn't bound to get wet. But Dex's "Will" didn't stop Doug from acting. Doug pulled on dexters arm makeing him spill the muddy water on the hut floor. They were doing Science projects.

Dex told the teacher and he said to pour the water on Dougthe next time he does his little stune. Dex provoked Doug this time and he came over and pushed Dex around and grabbed his arm to make him slide on the floor.

Dexter had on arm free and took the bucket with barely any water in it and waked Doug right in the face with it. Blood dripped from his nose as he ran crying out of the room to the bathroom.

The room cheered in excitement. But Doug was to have his revenge.

Close to the end of the school year Ryann was outside the hut alone coming back from the bathroom, Doug was outside. Doug stopped Ryann from entering the hut asking stupid questions and trying to make Ryann cry.

Ryann was a big crybaby, it was very annoying.

Doug ran forward at Ryann and grabbed his head, put it against the school brick wall and rubbed his face up and down on it.

Ryann screamed in pain as teachers from inside the school and the only hut outside. Doug was thrown off of Ryann and Ryann was rushed to the hospitals to treat his minor injuries.

Dex was alone in his room for the whole summer after what happened at the end of school.

Next year. Doug had ridden the same school bus. Miraculously he past. Sam for Dex, Ryann lived in a district that didn't allow him to go to the other school. 6th grade.

Dex had glasses. and Doug was playing around and "slapped" Dex on the face forceing his glasses out the window. Dex played safe. But my mom didn't. My mom confronted dougs parents. who were always drunk jobless and not good role models. So we just dropped it.

Again it was almost the end of the school year, and Dex happened to walk behind Doug who was getting a drink from the water fountain. Doug stopped drinking and walked away, Dex hid behind him and pushed him down a flight of stairs. Dex ran but Doug seen him.

a week past and Doug confronted him at my house. Doug was screaming out ever cussword he knew. Dex went outside to shut him up. and Doug threw a punch and Dexter dodged.

Doug was from the country, he did chicken wing punches, cocking his elbow up to the side of his head. That left his side open.

Dexter played baseball, and there was a bat on the porch. Dex picked it up as Doug threw a punch and Dex hit him hard in the side and Doug fell backwards off the porch landing hard on his butt.

Doug stood up and was about to pull something out of his pants when I came into the doorway.

"Whats going on."

Doug didn't say anything and got up and left.

He got arrested a day latter for carrying a gun...

If he were to have shoot my brother I would have fucked him up!

Me nor Dexter told our parents about what had happened. Doug was released a month latter to continue school. he got permantely expelled from highschool in 10th grade for doing gang signs. He then got sent to a rehab center for mental stuff. He went to a school where bad kids go and he talked shit and got punched hard in the head.

Some said his eyes were off and he went into a comma. It makes you feel sorry for him. But I say FUCK him! :]



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