My Celebrity Sighting

A movie titled Casino Jack(google it, seems like a pretty good story line) is being filmed about a block from the pub I work at, so the cast and crew rented out the dining room to set up shop for their lunch.  They have their own caterers so I didn't have to make any of the food (lucky me)  but I did help them bring in a few things. 

As I was looking at the spread, I realised I was in the wrong buisness!  Being a film crew worker can be a shitty job, but you eat like a king!  Shrimp, prime rib, pasta, roasted chicken, and many other delicious goodies awaited these men in tattered band T-shirts


As I was helping prep for a 250 people function later on that night (which was a total fucking nightmare, but thats for another blog.)  the other line cook noticed Kevin Spacey was out there!  I looked out into the dining room but only saw the crew stuffing their face.  I asked if he was pulling my leg and he said "No!  He's right there!  see that arm with the purple coat?  That's him!"

So great,  I'm in the same building as an academy award winner and all I can see is his fucking arm!  I figured I wouldn't torture myself by staring out the kitchen door at an arm all day and go for a break with the chef (aka my wife) and the other line cook.


We're not outside a minute when who should walk out back for a smoke?  KEVIN FUCKING SPACEY!!!!  I swear I almost shit myself.  I didn't say a word, but inside I was screaming like a 12 year old girl at a Jonas Brothers concert. 

Spacey lights his smoke, and turns around to see three dumbfounded faces.  He walks past us, to the side of the building with his pose and makes idle chit chat with the bar manager about the history of the building as the three of us were smoking and chirping away about those few seconds. 

So that's it, my celebrity story.....well I was also trapped in an elevator with John Stamos for 10 hours but who the hell would wanna hear about that?


Thanks for reading,


Uploaded 06/02/2009
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