My Cousin and I have a Brief Encounter

I walked over to the far wall and turned off the light, it was pitch black. "Henry" i whispered, "yeah" he replied nervously, i had located him. I went over and sat up close to him, and plucked up enough courage to touch his hairless inner thigh. "What are you doing" he softly asked and i replied "Kiss me". I moved in and we began making out. I pushed him over and led ontop of him, my solid cock driving into his thigh, i could feel him slowly hardening too. I stroked his fresh cheek with my right hand, before kissing his neck and then moving down his hairless body, small, gentle kisses all the way. Then i reached his promised land. Completely hairless, i could have sworn i was dreaming. I put my lips around his hard cock, and despite a little nervous reaction, Henry was soon loving it. I was sucking, licking and stroking his penis for about 10 mins when he said innocently "can i have a go". Ofcourse. We moved onto his bed, i was so desperate for him.

He went straight for my cock, which was already dripping pre-cum as finally screwing my cousin was getting to me. He was so good, i ran my hands through his hair and down his back as he sucked my rock hard stiffy. After around two minutes i was so close to exploding, so i moved his head off and put his hand on my penis. He began to jack me off, it felt so nice and within moments i was spurting everywere, hot cum all over my stomach and chest. To my suprise, Henry began to lick it off, every last bit he swallowed, making me hard again as he did it. Now i had to return the favour, and it was a pleasure. Once again taking his cock in my hand, playing with his balls, licking his incredibly tight ass ring and sucking his cock, i made him cum. And i swallowed his load, all he could shoot and i still wanted more.

We were both dripping sweat and just lay there in eachothers arms, occasionally kissing the cousin i'd longed for so long. Henry switched his bedside light on to get a glass of water, as i looked up i saw a small pot of vasoline. Was i in luck? I whispered in his ear "Want me to enter you" to which he confidently replied "I want you however". So, i stood up and took the vasoline pot, pushed Henrys legs into the air and began to lick his tight asshole, grabbing those sexy firm butt cheeks in the process. Luckily i had a condom in my wallet so i slipped it over my solid cock, whilst rubbing vasoline into his asshole. Once done, i kissed him and said "Ill be gentle". His ass was so tight it was unbelievable. Gently i pushed my cock in whilst holding his legs up in the air, what a sight, almost made me erupt. Soon after a few painfull squirms from Henry, i was in my cousins asshole. Slowly thrusting i could see his discomfort, but also that he was loving my solid cock up his ass just as much as i was loving fucking him. Fucking his tight asshole was the most incredible feeling ever and as i got faster and faster i came closer to orgasm, pulling out, removing the condom and spunking all over his golden body. Now straddled on him, i tried to put his dick in my ass but with no lube this was impossible. Instead i rubbed his cock imbetween my ass cheeks and just before he came, i rolled over and he wanked himself off into my face, once again his cum tasting like juice from heaven. After lying next to eachother naked for about 30 mins, with the occasional kiss and feel, we redressed and headed back downstairs to play on the playstation like nothing had happened.

Uploaded 08/14/2008
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