My dad's back in town...

Yep. My dad left us (mom, brother, me) about 6 or 7 years ago, occasionally having my brother and I visit him with my granddad, and then he completely disappeared for a while.

So last summer I actually found out that he was in town, and it was a huge deal for my older brother and I. I got to see him (for the first time since I was about 11) and try to catch back up and all that.

It wasn't that great, because he's a HARDCORE alcoholic, along with a fuckup, and that's why my mom divorced him.

And he ended up going to Texas to live with his psycho sister because he was probably gonna get jumped by a bunch of gangsters or something, and he freaked out.

(my dad's a part-time homeless person...seriously.)

We all know he's bad luck, mostly my mom, who hates him and hates that I want to see him, but hey, he's my dad, and I want to catch up, and my mom unerstands that.

So after a good few months of him and I talking on the phone every once in a while, he disappeared...Like, stopped calling me and everything. So I just said "fuck it" and went on with my life. I really wasn't surprised that he stopped.


But anywho, on Father's day, I get a call, and it ended up being him. Apparently he was in the hospital for 2 weeks because he had diverticulitis, for the second time.

It's basically where if you don't wat healthy enough for a long period of time, it causes your large intestine to end up with holes in it, and cause internal bleeding, so when that happened, he was in the hospital with a shitbag attached to him so it doesn't infect the healing things in his intestine. It was gross (from what I remember when I was little)

And he had to do that again.



So after Father's day, he stopped calling me again, so I gave up...again.




But today, I get a call when I'm out at Petsmart.

And it was him. He told me that he was back in town again staying at some shitty hotel in east Elgin, and he wanted me to visit.

So I told him I was busy at the moment, blah blah blah, and he would call me back, and I didn't really expect him to.

But he called me again at about 8:30 tonight, and wanted to see if my boyfriend and I could visit him.

So we showed up at a completely shitty hotel called The Coloniel or something.

And yeah, we got to see him, and we talked for a good hour or so, and we drove him to the liquor store to get some cigarettes for him and my boyfriend.


So anywho, tomorrow (technically today) we're gonna pick him up and take him to this telemarketing place by my house that he'll be working at soon, that he's gonna sit outside of with a sign, like a homeless person would do, and ask for money.


Oh yeah, he gave me $20, because he missed my birthday.....(he missed about 5 of them now)













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