My day at the movies

so i went two the midnite premeer of pararnormal activity 2. i got theyre like 2 hours erly. i was sitting near the middel and their was a lot of peopel around me. mostly the ppl who u no wuld be the kool kids in their high skools. i was weighting for the movie to start and this jock loocking guy comes in and makes a big "woooooo" sound. like evryone needs to no he is there.
"stuped faggot stfu no one cares!!" is wat i shuld has seid but im scared he wuld beet me up later. so the movie starts and later when something a  ghost wuld do hapens, even if is just the smallest shit moving, peopel wuld scream. like stfu is not scary u homos! they wuld also laff at parts wear its not funny and scream if the wind was causing a thing to moving. and there was a black neckst to me and she wuld be telling her black husbend during the movie "oh hails naw! she bettar not go in thar!! mmmm hhhhmmmmmm. fore realz". i was just to busy making sure my wallet was still in my pocket.
then the stuped "kool kids" wuld say something out loud during the movie too seem funny but there not.

pararnormal activity 2 was a shit movie, not scary at all and if u screem at something that is moving a littel bit then u shuld died. im going too see movies on a tuesday morning were no one is their to act kool from now on.

k? k.
Uploaded 10/23/2010
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