My eighteenth wedding anniversary

Just had my anniversary.  Eighteen years on Sunday.  What a joy.  Troll-wife did me the courtesy of not bringing it up and fucking off for the day.  Thank God for small favors...


The local YMCA had a pool party from 4-6 on Friday.  I got there with the kids right at 4:00.  We had fun splashing around.  I pushed my son around like a boogie board and chased my daughter around the pool.  Son found some kids from his class and raised some hell with them.  My daughter and I paddled around and made fun of how immature the kids were.


Troll-wife called me after 5:00 and said she was on her way.  She was asking me for directions.  "Do I turn left on Buffalo?"


It's in our fucking neighborhood... I almost told her to turn left.  She'd be at the Piaute indian reservation before she noticed she'd fucked up.  I put up with a lot of retardation from her when I loved her. 


I gave her proper directions.


When she got there, I got out of the pool and let her get in with the kids, thinking I'd be an impediment to her interaction.


She played with them like a real mother for about twenty minutes and then she was done.  Big whoop.  I got back in with them until the party was over.


I made dinner for the kids and troll-wife fucked off to wherever it is she goes every night.  She DID offer to watch the kids for me on Saturday.  I don't trust her to act like a parent anymore, but I agreed.  She said she'd take them to see the damn pirate movie.  Great, now I won't have to go with them later.  I'll take them to the Kung-fu Panda movie instead.  I'll be able to sit through that.


I had a great night with Lisa on Saturday.  I met her 18 year old daughter.  She's about to graduate and was talking about the books she read in her AP Lit class:  A Clockwork Orange, Watchmen, The Road, A Handmaid's Tale, and similarly deviant books.  I was suitably impressive with my literary knowledge.


Troll-wife fucked off on Sunday, our anniversary, like I said.  My daughter said troll-wife grilled her about where and who she wanted to live with after the divorce.  Daughter apparently let her have it with both barrels about what a shitty mother she is.  Neither daughter or troll-wife told me about it though.  My son went up to her today and said, "You hurt mommy's feelings when you told her that you didn't want to live with her.  She thinks you don't love her."


I tuned right in.  "Your mother said what?"


I got the gist of the conversation and then found out that when troll-wife had son alone, played up how unreasonable daughter was being and how I'd turned daughter against her.  I almost shit.  I haven't had a chance to confront troll-wife about it.


Troll-wife is having surgery tomorrow to get a plate removed from her arm that she broke while roller skating.  It was her idea to join the roller-derby circuit here in Vegas.  That dream lasted ten minutes and ended with her radius popping out of her arm below her pinky finger.  I told her minutes before she did it that she was going to break her arm if she went out without pads.  I had the class not to say "I told you so too."  What an idiot.  She bruises like a ripe banana and she was going to do roller derby.


Fuck her.  I'm well rid of her. 


I really hope I get my kids in the divorce.  I'm going to stress my ass off thinking about how she's not parenting and the bullshit she spews at my kids when it's her time to have them if I don't. 

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