My ex is an asshat

Just a little background for you.....I was married to one of the biggest asshats on this planet for a little over 8 years before I came to my senses and divorced him.  Our divorce was final 6 years ago. Ryan's a huge asshat.

Just an example of how much of an asshat he really is would be when he and I were first "married."  Seems in the state we were married in, all you need is someone with a notary stamp to make it legal with the exception of a blood relative of the bride or groom.  His mother married us.  I didn't know about that little exception, but he did and so did his mother, Janey.  In fact, I didn't know about that until I filed for divorce in another state, and my attorney (who liked odd state marriage laws) pointed that one out to me.  So I literally could have legally walked away from Ryan and his freaky family except for the fact that he and I had 2 kids (Lora and Sasha) together and I had unknowlingly taken his last name.  So I legally divorced Ryan. 

Fast forward to the present.  I have remarried, and so has he.  I'm very happy being married to Rob. Rob and I are now expecting our first (and only) child together in January.  Rob is in the military, and almost 3 years ago, we got orders to move to England.  I have custody of Lora and Sasha, so the girls came with us.  Rob loves my girls like they're his own and would love to adopt them if Ryan would agree (which he won't).

Since we've been divorced, Ryan has been at least 6 months behind in child support.  He now has his wages garnished because the state of which I'm a resident is handling the child support, and Ryan's made it a point to lie to a state agency in regards to the support of his own kids.  Even though his wages have been garnished, he's still behind because he feels he doesn't need to make any effort to get caught up.  (Thank the gods Rob has helped me by picking up the slack when it comes to the girls) Lora and Sasha are now 13 and 9, and they aren't fact, they see what a scum their own father is.  They really don't like spending time with him, but they do so because they feel guilty (guilt trip thanks to Ryan).  Ryan calls the girls every week to talk to them and the girls see him via webcam once a month.  (The webcam visits, although not the same as a real life in the flesh visit, are cheaper than airline tickets every 2 weeks)

Ryan's now decided that although it states in our custody agreement that he is to pay for half a trip for the girls to visit him and I'm to pay for the other half, that he can't afford any of it now that he's also supporting his new wife's children from her first marriage (she needs to talk to her ex about that....he had these kids before he met her and her kids so as far as the State and myself are concerned, his kids are supposed to be his top priority).  He thinks I should pay for round trip tickets for the girls to fly (alone---which ain't happenin') on an international flight so he can have them for Christmas.  Uh, no....since I do have full custody, and he won't shell out the money to pay for half of their tickets let alone come over here and visit, then why should I want to do that?  Besides, they can't fly unaccompanied on an international flight...they're too young.  And I can't fly with them since I'm too far along in my pregnancy by then to do that.

Ok, Ryan, just cut off your ass and use it like a hat!  ASSHAT!

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