My Exes and Me

Well i just fell bad. Again. So I Thought I would see who elses life got effed by an ex or the worse thing an ex has ever done before,during or after you relationship.

The worst thing an ex has done to me was randomly break up with me because she was getting bugged to much. Ha for being with the best guy in the school but thats beside the point. She then proceded to make it terrible with lies and promises. But she being a she didn't fulfill those promises and fucked me over. About 2 weeks after she keeps telling me she loves me and I thought we could put this all behind us. Nope. She fucking leaves me again. For a guy with 4 other known girlfriends. I tried to be mature about the situation. Only useing the word bitch ever 3rd word. Then she gets dumped and goes for a guy she barely knows that she met while we were together. And through this whole time shes flaunting him infront of me. Telling me how much he loves her. Haha bitch. 

Yeah, I'm a youngin but its just another roadkill mourning, break down and cry.

Your turn.

Uploaded 09/14/2008
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Tags: break ups