My Father


My father passed away a couple of days ago, and although it was no surprise, it still hurts.  Dad had been sick with cancer for more than a year, and had been pretty lucid up until a couple of months ago.  I'm fortunate to have gotten to see him while he knew who he was talking to.My dad was born in Northern California shortly after the Depression ended, and grew up in many parts of the state, from south to north.  Dad was a talented musician, and it is to him I owe my passion for music, and my wide, eclectic musical tastes.  Some of my greatest childhood memories were of him playing his guitar and singing folk songs, whether around a fire on the beach in Puerto Rico, before an auditorium full of people in Loyalton, CA, or at home with just the family.  I will remember the songs he taught me all my life.I also learned about electronics, science, and computers from Dad when I was young.  I remember everybody telling me how cool my dad was, and knowing he was even cooler than they knew.My Dad served his country in the US Coast Guard, and was aboard the famous ice breaker USCGS NORTHWIND in the late 1950s and early 60s.  He had been to South America, Antarctica, New Zealand, Alaska, and the North Pole.  He had been around Cape Horn, and through the Straits of Magellan.  I learned to love boats and the oceans from him.My Dad taught me how to solder, splice a rope, and skip a rock.I'm gonna miss him.

Uploaded 12/22/2008
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