My First Welding Job

I haven't been on very much because I've been working for a Marine Repair and Industrial company. 

While most of the company's contracts are for large cargo ships, we caught a new government contract for the Air Force, welding the shell plate and wings for the brand new jets. 

All was going well on my first day.... until I saw Neko walking around with that butt plug I bought her for x-mas stuck up her ass. (I know because the attached rope was hanging out of her pant leg).  

It took everything I had not to run over and punch her fake teeth down her throat, but I thought there were much better ways to fuck her up.  

The perfect opportunity came to me when I over heard a couple male pilots talking about Neko.  One said "That bitch should really stick to what she's good at - blow jobs" 
The other said "Yeah, even those could be better.... I've been itchy ever since she made her rounds at our camp last week".  
"I know man... if it wasn't for her 'favors' Sergent wouldn't let her pilot Jet #97 when it's finished".

Jet #97 eh?   Instead of enjoying the rest of that conversation, I went to my dad - my boss, and put in a special request.  "Dad can you put me on Jet 97?"      "Sure" he says.

Not even a million (or half of) Mizuka alts could wipe the smile off my face that day as I wheeled my MIG machine over to Jet 97. 

Now.. I don't want to lose my job by saying too much... so I'll leave you with this.

Neko - enjoy your flight.  (And before you ask to be switched air crafts, I told all the welders what you said about Welders and Canadians....)

Uploaded 12/17/2010
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