My gf modeling the Harley 105th

I got a call today from my gf asking if i would mind if she joined a friend of hers in modeling for the Harley Davidson 105th festival.  The catch is that its going to be modeling Harleys line of Lingerie.  Im not that jealous of a guy, but I would be lying if I said I wasnt a little worried about it.  I havent given her an answer yet, I have a few days.  She is a very attractive, thin with a big chest, young girl. There is no doubt that a bunch of drunk guys...this is in WI btw...will be hitting on her, possibly even touching her. I hate that thought. If they wanna talk, thats fine, but I flip if someone touches my girl.  Basically, im just asking if its wrong of me to have a problem with this, If I shouldnt have the right to say no, or if that makes me seem jealous and controlling.  It would be cool to say im dating a lingerie model, but im still kinda worried about it.  I need some serious opinions please, not "is your gf a hog...haha" or "fag, you dont have a gf" or any shit like that.   Thanks for your time!



Uploaded 08/27/2008
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