My Hawaii Vacation

Me and my boo decided it was too cold in Oz and that this year we need to choose something top notch. My choice was Ibiza, but I found somewhere that Hawaii is one of a kind, so why not go there? So far it's awesome. It's cool that the hotel has wifi and I can share the experience with you. The only flaw of the trip so far is the long flight. Took 10 and a half hour and I had to switch off my iPhone during the flight - I had a lot of fun owning Rintard while waiting for the plane at the airport. It's great that Ebaumsworld can be accessed through a phone with such ease nowadays. 

The people and the food here are great. The locals are so nice. The receptionist at the hotel asked us if it's our first visit to Hawaii and we said yes. So he inquired if it was a friend or a family member that recommended Hawaii. His face when I said my grampa was here with his plane regiment in 1941 was priceless.

It's 4 am and the time zone switch is something amazing. There's no way I can sleep for the next 6 or so hours

Uploaded 06/29/2012
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