My Heros!

Did anyone hear about those 2 guys who set the stripper on fire? I think it was in L.A. somewhere and I guess they threw a drink on her and lit her up with a ciggarette lighter.

I have had several small burns from working in kitchens for the last 10 years. In my opinion burns are the worst kind of pain. Worse then cuts, and well, even though I have been through the pain of child birth- I would think that 3rd degree burns over a large percentage of my body would definatly be more painful. It would take months to recover from the skin grafts-- and the scars (especially on the face) would be hideous to look at for the rest of your life.

As some of you know I am being harrassed and stalked by my landlord. I think he is nothing but a little bitch who really cant do anything to me. The hang up calls are a little annoying, Calling CPS was a nice try, but just builds a better case with the complaint I made about him for discrimation on my "familal status". (sp?) Yes, he is playing a VERY dangerous game.

I dont know what kind of a sentance those guys will get for burning that stipper--but thanks for the idea guys! Rest assured: If anything were to ever happen to my family or my daughter spends one night in foster care--SOMEONE WILL BURN TONIGHT!!!

I am Bitch and yes, I am fucking CRAZY!

Uploaded 02/11/2009
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