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Look, I've been obsessively visiting the Blog section for about 2 months now, and I find the quality of the blogs has been exponentially decreasing. Where at first one could find an interesting story or something, now all I can find are Blogs about people complaining, and Blogs complaining about people complaining. Don't forget the blogs like:  "If i could fly id fly in the sky but i cant so i wont AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Seriously guy, how hard is to write 256 characters? Now, the other night I was going to blog about an interesting anecdote, but then I realized that blogging just wasn't the same anymore. So, here we go, My Last Blog:


My friend and I, bored as we are always on Thursday night, when we come up with this "elaborate" prank. Basically, we would drive up this hot girl's house that we know, call her, tell her we're outside, and when she walks out to our car, we drive away. Brilliant, I know. Anyway, we have no idea where her house is. After an hour and half of ridiculous countryside driving, and 38 calls to another friend, we finally found the road she lives on (a whopping 20 mile journey), and look at that...she's at work. So, after another 6 or 7 calls to this friend, and at least 40 minutes, we end up at Red Lobster, just before they close. By the way, this particular Red Lobster was about 12 miles away from her house. So we go there, hang out for 20 minutes, then take the half hour trip back to my place. All in all, it was about a 3 hour journey, just to fail at an incredibly simple prank, and hang out for 20 minutes. It was probably the stupidest thing we'ver ever done. But hey, at least I got to play with Lobsters!


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