My last political blog

Ok, well I have to go sleep.  (proficiencies)  It was a good month of debates and arguments.  We now have the outcome that some of us were looking for, but for the most part, we can now move on to the post political season topics of boobs, massive shits, and some of the freaks we see at Wally World.  We heard alot from some great debators like Ellimem, Bohank, rkuzdas, Megalo, Kyky, savcam, Johnny, Portlet, and Kaustic as well as some less than intelligent supporters (the name Davida just poped into everyones head).  But the point is, we're done.  We have our new president.  Some are pissed (Adraline) and some are graceful (Live101proof) about the whole thing, but the point still stands that there are other, more important, conversations to be had, like renewable energy sources (I'll just leave it at that).  I know that the electoral points do not quite match up with the percentage of people who voted for who, but it's over, and even if this rumor that Obama will get impeached is true, we will still have Biden to rely on.  This will be my last political blog of (hopefully) the remainder of the season, but I will still be on with the comments. 

Well, that's about it.  By the time you're reading this, I'll be stripped down in my boxers heading to bed (that should leave you all with a lasting image).  I know tommorow will be fun.  There will be plenty of die hard McCain fans to rub the results to the election in (at my school).  Have a good night, and an eventful 4 years.

I'm Reyo and Kaustics dog's name is adolf, whether he likes it or not.

Uploaded 11/05/2008
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