my latest blog 2

i have been scratching my head, or something like that, so here u go; another amazing blog by me, the best there is. no diggidy, no doubt.


in the past blogs i have been called a perv by majorfathead. he must of seen my XD upload.


i have been called a she by letitdangle. i'm sure he was using something called post modern irony in his joke, or some shit like that. either that or by me calling god a she, he see's me as a god and therefore believes i must be female too.


nova has been proved to be scum. sjg has screen caps of the meebo convo you saw in a previous blog. that made me laugh a little.


then we have that teacher dude mocking someone who can't spell very well, what a great teacher he must be. picture the scene; kid hands in his report/homework/whatever and when he gets it back from the teacher, it says, you spelled that wrong duh you're a retard. fuck you tomlet, fuck you :)


then we have rednote, a worthless piece of crap who tries to put others down to try to make him feel better about himself. that is all i need to say about that certain "genious"


this blog section is fucking shit just like all it's "writers"


but hey i do love you all and you can thank letmedangle for this A+ blog


peace, love, N0_U

Uploaded 07/27/2010
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