My life as a woman

Before you read this, you must understand that I am a man.  However, I sincerely believe that in a past life I was a woman.  I don't know that woman's name, or when she lived, or anything else about her.  But there are days when I can feel her in me.  Controlling me. 

I feel like her control over me has grown more strongly in the past few months.  I wish to dress in more flowing garments, and would like to grow my hair out (which would not be good as I'm billiard bald.)  I've found that I've grown a certain fondness for bathing and loofah scrubs.  I use eye shadow now, to great effect.

Now, this afternoon, I noticed blood in my urine.  It was akin to a heavy flow, like the kind my deceased sister used to have.  My areolae have also increased in circumference and area and are more sensitive.

Do I think I am becoming a woman, in the physical sense?  No.  But I do believe that mentally I am becoming increasingly feminized and now hunger for a man's touch.  I know now I must become that strange woman from an unknown past. 

Uploaded 07/13/2008
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