My life Part 2

Screensavers can be a bitch sometimes. Yeah, they protect your screen from getting image burn and all that, but when you drink as much as I do, sometimes you think your monitor is off, when it really isn't. My wife demonstrated that for me this weekend. She was cleaning the house as she always does, while I laid on the couch, hungover from the night before catching up on my programming. I firmly believe that since woman are built to be more "picky", cleaning should be there thing, so I let her have it. So anyways as she is dusting off my desk, she accidentally bumps my mouse causing my screensaver to deactivate. And front and center on screen is the masterpiece I wrote last week about my plans for salvation. And she read it. When she confronted me about it, she was absolutely furious, but I don't know why, it's not like I had done anything.......yet. She asked if I really felt that way, and I told her I did. So out of nowhere she asks me to leave, cause she needs time to think, and so do I. So I left. As I was out "thinking", the only thing I could think about was tapping the girl from work, so I called her up. She said she was busy with family, but she would call me later. Well, I couldn't wait. Thankfully, I had my wife's friend's number was plugged into my cellphone, so I called her. She said she would meet me whenever, wherever. Well, when my wife threw me out of the house for no reason, I managed to forget my wallet, which had my "secret" credit card. So I went back to the house to get it. When i got there, my wife and son were gone, but there was a note on the fridge that said she went to her mother's house. So I grabbed my phone and called her friend and she came right over. I won't go into detail as to what we did, but I will say that I was the most satisfied I have been in a long time. A real long time. So after my wife's friend limped out of the house, I put my clothes back on, and wrote a note to my wife that I was going to the strip club, and I put that on the fridge next to hers. You're probably thinking I must be a pig for having sex with another woman in me and my wife's bed, but hey, I washed the sheets.
Uploaded 02/01/2010
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