My Likings

There isn't really a whole lot of shit I dislike, well there is, but whatever.  I'm not much of a reader unless it's internet news or techie stuff.  I admit having a short attention span which is why big bulky books never wore onto me.  I usually struggled in high school to get through the summer reading assignments..though 3 books I read and enjoyed were "Of Mice and Men", "The Water is Wide" and "Night" by Elie Weisel (sp?)..


I am a hardcore movie lover.  My DVD library boasts about 400 titles...Some of my favorites include, in no particular order, Goodfellas, Casino, Gladiator, Tombstone, 300, The Boondock Saints, Talladega Nights, Friday Night Lights...or anything with DeNiro, Will Ferrell, Chris Farley or Adam Sandler.  I'm pretty big on comedies.


TV shows I like are The Office, House, Heroes, The Big Bang Theory, the News, Hannity. 


I love Stand-up too.  My favorite comedian has to be Rodney Carrington.  Knockin' back some beers with some buddies and listening to his albums is GREAT fun.  Some other comedians I like are Patton Oswalt, Denis Leary, Pablo Francisco, Dave Chappelle and Steven Wright.


I LOVE to fish..mainly cat and bass fishing.  Largest Cat I've caught is a 30# shovelhead..I have a pic somewhere...Each year I venture to upstate New York and try my luck with freshwater trout and northern pike.  Some of the best fun I've had is sitting on a large lake at night with nothing but a starry sky and the glowing light of my bobbers floating in the water.


Alcohol...I'm mostly found drinking watery beer...Bud, Coors, Miller..though I've honestly been trying to try more of other types...lately has been Sam Adams Oktoberfest...and there's a famous local restaurant that brews their own pale ale that is outstanding.  I also like the whiskey (duh).


I like to shoot pool and am quite good at it.  So good I own my own stick.  And you're all jealous as hell I can tell. 


I'm Live and now I have to go clean viruses and porn off a relative's computer.

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