My list of Hate

i want to tell you all about the things that i hate, so here's a list.

- jello
- boredom
- the color yellow
- loud noises
- cats
- being cold
- women with self-esteem problems
- hybrid cars
- government
- Humane Society (starving people around the globe, and you're worried about mistreated animals? F U )
- t.v. evangelists
- know-it-all people
- ugly people that think they are hot
- stepping in cold dog piss in a carpet while wearing socks.
- stepping in warm dog piss in a carpet while wearing socks.
- artificial banana, vanilla, and strawberry flavorings.
- people who think the fact that osama is dead will change things.
- cops
- biasedness/ prejudice
- hearing other peoples sob stories about sad things and how it effects them.
- talking to strangers
- using public bathrooms
- stupid people
- shitty food
- getting woke up
- excuses
- canned cranberry jam
- old people who don't mind sharing body fluids with other people.
- conspiracy theories (if you had a theory about it, its not that great of a conspiracy is it?)
- old fogie rock stars that act 25
- any of the large group of newly famous people from T.V. that are only famous because a camera was put in front of them to watch their ridiculous, stupid, boring, and otherwise non-entertaining lives. (kardashians, jersey shore, big brother, survivor, real housewives etc... )
- any t.v. program that makes its place on a network due to characters solely being gay ( queer eye for straight guy , etc etc...
- Tim Allen
- Christmas decorations.
- fake fireplaces
- pointless holidays that get made up to fill in the other 360 days that aren't REAL holidays.
- black history month (there aint no white, chinese, mongolian, mexican, german, czech, or indian heritage month is there?)
- the American Dream (just go die of being morbidly obese, and you have acheived this)
- cheap lighters
- menthol cigarettes
- people that want to be everything but what they are.
- viral video's
- chatrooms full of fapping miscreants.
- when people sing to songs completely tone-deaf
- outlandish explanations for things
- people with tattoo's of logo's and or cartoons
- nasty feet
- people that don't cover their sneeze or coughs
- driving
- people texting me after i CLEARLY ignore them for months
- rip-offs of old songs and movies
- bad acting
- anyone who didn't read the entirety of this blog and just stopped after reading a few things that i hate, maybe even skipping to this very sentence to see if the ending of my blog was gonna name my number 1 hate. which it isn't because hate is equal and unrivaled.
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