My new idea for a movie.

  Ok A while back I wrote an idea for a movie about two leather bound bondage gimps who get arrested, freed then die tragically.  This new movie is about the police.  I know what you are thinking... Fuck the Police. ....  No they are just people working a job with a lot of danger and less pay then they earn. We should respect and show cops more understanding.  With that said I now will introduce my title for my movie followed by a badly written paragraph explaining the various plot holes.


"Fuck the police" written by theliquidsinner


  Ok So the movie starts out with a large explosion in a room full of babys , and the cops rush in and start duct taping the babys back together. The main character will establish an ability to talk to babys early in the movie.  Also he can talk to baby animals but like the human babys they do not respond. It turns out he is going to be fired from his job unless he learns how to overcome the loss of his partner that died as a result of his allergy to friendly fire. Bam right to his face... Ok So anyways He gets aids and has to become a cowboy.  He infects everyone on broke back mountain and they all die. There are a lot of plot holes but I am in a rush and I need to bury my girlfriend before my wife returns.


Ok I know this stupid but I enjoy getting it out. I would rather be stupid and enjoy myself than be serious and entertain others.If you enjoy my demented writings or it took your mind off of your shit for a moment . Then job done

I am matt I collect zombies I am an asshole

Peace out bloggos

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