My new job

I havent been on much lately. Some were happy (you fucks) but others missed me. Since I like people who care, im gonna update you on whats been going on in my life lately thats kept me away from this whore of a site... hee hee hee hee hee....


So I started looking for jobs again in mid august. If you wanna know why I was off work, just look for the blog where i explain my fucking burn out and leave me alone. So yeah, things were slow going at first. I usually find a job within 1 or 2 weeks or barely searching but not this time. I guess there really is a recession of some sort! Thats why I had to put more effort into it, keeping me away from entertainment like blogs and stupid photos.


I was actually hired by a supermarket, the first place i got interviewd for but they offered me a clerks position in the deli and cheese department when I applied as the manager. I said no thanks because it was going to be a shitty schedule on a shittier salary (9$/hour is BULL). Then, last week I got an interview for a small internet provider to be a tech support. I went and tried it for a day and I really didnt like it. Those guys were so messy, there was stuff and old food on their desks everywhere. Also, they had no procedures or work ethic, wich meant you pretty much had to create your own call flow. I know stuff about computers and internet and they told me they would teach me how to repare connections but I highly doubted the quality of their training. Hell I doubted the quality of that company's everything!!! Since I had received about 4 calls for interviews during that day, I decided not to go back. My options started to open.


On tuesday I had 3 interviews lined up during my day. I was confident that things were about to change and I would find something great. Well at 8am, a lady called me from an interview I had 2 weeks before for a position as a receptionnist in a lawyers cabinet. They hired another girl and after 2 days she found it was too stressful for her and quit. I was apparently their second choice out of 30 applicants so they offered the job and I said yes and got there the very next hour to start training. The girl Im replacing was to leave on september 30th, wich gave me only 2 days to learn everything so she was nice enough to stay until friday so I could have a fair chance at learning it all right.


So what I do basically is sitting at this desk and take calls for 25 lawyers. Sometimes ill transfer those calls to them directly, other times ill just direct the person to a voicemail or take a message on paper. I receive and distribute their faxes and their mail and when a client shows up, I announce them to their attorney. Things can go very busy at times with 5 or 6 calls to take at once and then it can be dead for half an hour so I can eat a snack, read or whatever. I dont have a computer there because none of these lawyers want email messages so no internetz on the job, although one of the lawyers assistant lets me use her puter during lunch time if I wanna. Yesterdays lunch was offered to me by the law firm. We had bakery bread, brie cheese, proscuitto and red wine. Yes, I was offered a glass of fucking wine on the job, i am not shitting you.


Im damn proud to have landed this sweet and rewarding job so be proud with me or go fuck yourself.

Love, aunt Platy ;)

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