My Next Door Neighbors

Those fucking ASSHOLES! Im sick and tired of their behavior. They moved in the apartment right next to mine 6 weeks ago and I already want to inflict severe physical and psychological damage to all 3 of them.


We have one guy (22 years old) and 2 girls (both 19). All of them are from the same hometown as me wich I thought was a cool coincidence when I first met them, as they were moving in. We chatted a bit, the dude offered my boyfriend and I a beer and we smoked a joint together. It looked as if they were gonna be lots of fun. How further from the truth that couldve been! About 2 days after they were moved in, some weird indian girl came knocking at my door at midnight saying we dealers and she wants to buy some weed. The day after, my neighbor (the guy) told me he thought we sold drugs for a living and so thats why he sent this girl he met at the bar to see us since she was looking for a smoke. I was stoked that because I gave him a bud as a welcome present, he assumed that we were drug dealers and spreading the word to whoever.


Then those bastards started hanging out in the back, outside. It clearly states on our leases that no one has access to the backyard because its all rented parking space. We can only put our trash outside in the back until its trash day. Still those fucktards drink beer and talk loud outside until 1am on weekdays and have their dumbass friends park their cars on the premises. 3 parking tickets have been issued so far and the lesbo bitch of the pack brought home a lame ass 1972 scooter that she parked in front of my patio door. They probably figured out that I was the one who called the landlord because of their excesive noize because 2 days after I did, I found a huge pile of dogshit on my doorstep. The kinda shit a BIG dog like the one their stupid friend has SHITS. My other neighbors have a chihuahua and theres no way that 5 pound dog produces turds bigger than mine.


Yesterday I was woken up at 1am by my favorite trio and their friends yelling outside. I called the landlord, left a message and then called the cops. I tossed and turned for half an hour in my bed hoping they would shut up before I took any action and by then my boyfriend was awake too so we were both pissed. Just as I go look outside I see the police car stopping and the 2 officers stepping towards us when the the 90 pound cunt crashes her scooter in the wall of the apartment building, with no helmet on. At that point we realise she had no plates on her scooter either and power-lesbo being high on speed again, she yells at the cops that she didnt do anything wrong and that shes not yelling.


And thats why you shouldnt let the TV raise your kids.

This was a very tired aunt platy whos gonna play a little guitar hero and smoke a reefer before she takes a powernap. Im gonna have a chicken sandwich for lunch today, but that, is a totally different blog.



Uploaded 07/15/2009
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