My open letter to Santa....

Dear  Santa

    You may remember me from my last letter about 16 years ago, I dont ask for much and I honestly feel you owe me one. This is in regards to another person you may know , My girlfriend.. We have been together for 4 years and recently she said something i knew you could help me with. Sarah Chalk... My girlfriend said we triple date.... Ahem.... So mighty clauss please get sara chalk and deliver her to my house...You know what i am thinking.......Please Please please....

 If you do not feel I have been good enough To have this one simple request ,I will come to where you live and beg till you feel so bad you get her for me...I will beg so hard....If by that point you do not accept my plee then i must take drastic measures.I know you probaly like the idea of being able to feed yourself, but that will be a thing of the past.. I will cutt you..... bitch... I tried to be nice... Now i hafta cap a brother.....I am sorry santa but you see where i am in a pickle.Please hook me up . You can video tape... wanna??? please??? i will bake cookies.....Maybe you can bring a date for yourself and we can swing....You seem Clintonesk...


                                Matt <3

Uploaded 11/22/2008
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