my random tirade about horror films

                 Recently tomlet wrote a blog about shitty American remakes of great foreign horror films.  I for one agree with him.

                The genre of horror films in America are stuck in the rut of two categories.  Slasher flicks, or psychological terror.  Films like Friday the thirteenth just arent scary.  And fuck the saw franchise!


                When it comes to good horror films the American movies have only a few great shining examples.  Dawn of the dead (original)  night of the living dead.  Halloween.  Friday the 13th (original).  A nightmare on elm street (original).  Hell even some of the older campy horror films with Vincent price.

                The American film companies lost sight of the truly important part of horror films.  Scare the shit out of your audience.  With the series films, like Friday the 13th, nightmare on elm street or the saw movies you can tell they just wanted to make money off of one great idea, then bastardize the hell out of it.

                The only series I can think of that was great from movie one to move last was the evil dead trilogy.  Yes that includes the awesomely campy army of darkness.


                But other countries have had great horror flicks.  Demoni.  N Italian film which scared me shitless is about a movie theatre that gets over run by demons.  Its a sickly twisted film, and can be seen for free on youtube.

                Another film I Zombie 2.  Which was an Italian sequel to night of the living dead.  This is the movie that had a zombie take a bite out of a shark.  Beat that!

                But nothing beats the great film rec.  It was dark, it was twisted.  It made me scream!


                Check out these great films if you ever get the chance.

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