My Recent Exploits, Socially Engineering Ex Relationships on Fac

Lately, I've made a couple of imposter accounts on facebook so two of my exes would friend me. One was my ex-wife and the other was a woman I dated when I was 17 and she was 27. I simply posed as somebody that they new personally. Basically, I was doing it for nostalgia and to see how much things stay the same no matter how much they seem to change.


As for the ex-wife, there's nothing special there except that she's pregnant and getting married at the end of this year. We've been split up for 2 and a half years. It was kind of bitter sweet for me. We were supposed to have a baby together but now that I see her true colors I realize that I dodged a bullet. In all actuality, I didn't want another kid. I didn't have any peace because I didn't feel like I was living up to my potential and another child would've tied my hands for the next 20 years.


I was really hoping to find that she was miserable but it's true what they say. The best revenge is to be happy and live a good life. So it sucked for me to see that she was doing just that. I'm trying to be happy for her but I know she's got issues that she avoids fixing like the plague that might damage that relationship.


The other one was the really interesting one. I could write a dozen blogs about that piece of shit of a woman. For now I'll just write about how shitty of a mother she is.


I revealed to her that it was in fact me that she recently friended. We chatted for a while and she started saying that she hates the relationship that she's in. I got the impression that she's expecting me to save her from her relationship. That's not fucking happening.


A few hours after chatting with her she had her daughter call me. We talked for a few minutes before getting back on facebook to chat to save minutes on the phone. While on the phone she said that she was dealing heroin for a while to help her mom pay her bills. This woman used to say all the time that she wants her kids to bring the drugs home and do them with her so they're not out there on the streets doing them. But that's just because she was a crackhead and she wanted them to share with her. Now that the kids are grown, she has them committing crimes to keep her afloat.


Now her daughter has a federal charge and will probably go to prison for about 15 years. But she still says "I love my momma." This fucked up scenario comes from a childhood of momma making the kids think that the whole world was against them and that momma is the only person that cares and committing crimes and being dumb as a brick is okay. She's one of those kind of mothers that makes the kids feel guilty for everything and she does everything she can to be the center of their world.


Her mom tried to call me today but I didn't answer the phone. I don't need that kind of shit in my life. I loved those kids for a while and I still feel a tug in my heart for them. But there's nothing for me to do about how things turned out for them.

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