My remix to alphabet aerobics

always appreciate all things amazing

big boys boast but only when blazing

come check your child i think its going crazy

dont do drugs unless you're driving miss daisy

everyone explain each and every enemy

finding fine fucks for things that are fun to me

gotta get girls and enjoy wut they got for me

how many hoes have had what i got to see

im in it now on the brink of insanity

just got juiced gonna join those with jealousy

kingdom of kids was kept in the basement

love losing love thats lost from imaptience

move many men when marrying for money

nobody needs nothing from a honey

only open up when others are listening

please pause plans if my song is playing

quiet come quick put my lines in quotations

really rest up when the blunts in rotations

some sick things done with somebodies sanity

time to relax this things near finality

understand im up when the when the rest of you are under me

very vital is the vest of vocality

why wonder why when we cant show mentality

xerox the x-ray that shows the xylophone inside of me

years of my youth were wasted from my memory

zero zombie zebras with zig-zag symmetry


let me know what you guys think

Uploaded 04/11/2009
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