My return, The story of my vietnamese sweatshop workers, and why

When you have had as much professional experience as me on spamming and trolling, it becomes art. People will pass by your spam and admire the artistic vision and immediately realise that whoever created this spam was a true professional. I make my spam with the highest quality 6 year old vietnamese sweatshop worker children. My establishment has roughly around 300 workers all of which work 24/7 These children do not get paid in money they all are admirers of my work and are glad to help out in anyway free of charge. These children eat only high protein energy bars and drink only redbull laced with cocaine. 

    Chapter 2 The banning.

   After all the years i spent here I was finally banned because of one moderator who read one of my high quality spam blogs and for the sites own safety he banned me purely because he feared that my spam induced mind control and caused brain cancer because of it's pure greatness. Eventually i had to shut down my sweatshop and send all the small children back to there homes.

   Chapter 3 The Return.

   I recieved a letter from one of my many fans that touched my heart after reading that message I knew what had to have been done. I immediately scheduled a mass call to all of my little vietnamese sweatshop workers stating my return to Ebaumsworld. we immediately assembled and met at the old warehouse where we plotted my great return, and this brings us to where we are right now.


          The prophecy that was once written has now been fulfilled. I have returned.

     Fuck all you guys



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