my return.

     Its been a long time since I posted a blog.  Maybe since august?  Lets update the masses then.


       I moved from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh.  My girl and I wanted to be closer to her family.  I was able to wrangle a simple job for a short term thing.  Unfortunately the simple job ended within a month.  I left my job at the chemical warehouse to work at an alarm company for 11.00 an hour.  After a month they dropped me, saying I didnt quite fit in there.  Funny thing is all my former co-workers still hang out with me.  Apparently my not fitting in had nothing to do with my job performance or my appearance, but the fact that I used to be a supervisor and didnt want to advance in their company.           


     About a month of jobless searching led me to a new security job.  Its 12 an hour and Im working 40 a week while I go back to school for my masters degree.  The things that have happened in between will soon be a part of my weekly updates. 


     I missed this community.  Hope to hear from familiar people.

Uploaded 03/05/2012
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