My roomie....part 528

I really don't care if you're sick of hearing about my roomie! I have to live with her. Put yourself in my shoes for ten minutes and you will know why I am here writing this.


Today I did the dishes, 2 loads of laundry, swept and mopped the kitchen and entryway floors, put a new piece of glass in my car, fixed the headlight, fed the fish, took out the trash(twice) and fixed your bed for you.


You........sat in your recliner and gained 3 more pounds. You fucking tub of lard!


I got all excited when you said you would cook dinner (pot roast and baked potatoes) I thought "what the fuck, we'll be even."


So I went to the store to get sour cream for the baked potatoes. I was not hungry when dinner was done and for that I am sorry......but WTF? After you went to bed I got hungry. Pot roast was good, when I went to put sour cream on my potatoe you left me one teaspoon. Your FAT LAZY ASS used an entire pound.....ONE FUCKING POUND....of sour cream. Not to mention that you ate half....HALF...of a 4lb roast. I estimate that your fat ass put down about 4lbs for dinner....2lbs of roast....1lb of sour cream....1lb of potatoes. You make me sick!!!!!!


Quit asking me why you're 42 and single. FUCKING GROSS.


Disgusted Deunan

Uploaded 11/17/2010
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