My Shy Little Asian

Since she's such a blog whore and she won't stop nagging me about writing my own, I'll write about how we first met and her most recent visit to see me.

I haven't been on ebaumsworld in years, I use to frequent back in the days with Drtyrock and Kapowee when we still had forums, and boy has things changed a lot.  I spend a lot of late nights on here since I can't really sleep ever since Iraq, and I noticed dozens of blogs by this Asian looking girl.  Thinking she has no life and stays up at night writing, I added her and we started talking.  She saw my pics, thought I was handsome, but I couldn't really tell by her vague profile pic, so we added each other on facebook, and she's pretty fucking beautiful, lol.  That's when I find out she's in a completely different time zone, which explains why she's always posting when I'm awake at 3, 4am, but we continue to talk despite the long distance.  She's the type of girl I have always dreamed of having, and she feels the same way about me, but there's always a catch... of nearly 10,000 miles between us!

More sleepless nights go by of us just talking, and eventually progresses to webcams until things get pretty hot and heated.  We realize this is really a once in a life time opportunity, and we shouldn't let it slip away.  I've always believed that there are many fishes in the sea, but not every fisherman catches the fish of his dreams, and I was afraid she might be the catch of my dreams.  She's everything I could ever wish for and for her to feel the same way about me is just incredible and we both decided that we should take this to the next step.

Since I'm a bit further in life than her with house, cars etc.. We decided that she should come visit me since it makes transportation, sight seeing, just everything a lot easier and I'm pretty sure NYC is way cooler than Australia.  After nearly an entire day of waiting for her flight to arrive, I'm waiting for her at JFK, and I don't remember the last time I was this nervous, lol.  I already have anxiety from Iraq and this is just making it worse.  I was about to have a panic attack, until I saw the most beautiful girl walk out of that terminal.  It had to be her.

She ran up to me, arms open, we're both grinning ear to ear and hugged me so hard.  I was afraid who was going to break the ice first, but she made me feel such at ease.  We headed straight to my place since her flight arrived at almost 2am.  She was exhausted from the long flight and I still have a few more hours left before I even start to get sleepy.  The drive back was on a highway along the shore, so I put the top down and I noticed she couldn't stop smiling at me and looking around at everything.  This entire time I was waiting for the perfect time to make a move, because I was so damn nervous and I couldn't believe how beautiful she really was.  I found it as we were crossing the bridge I placed my hand on top of hers and she grabbed it!  So the rest of the drive were was holding hands with her head on top of my shoulders.  Good thing I wasn't driving a manual, lol.

After about 40 mins, we finally get back to my place and she just throws herself onto my bed saying how tired she was and glad she's finally able to lay down.  I laugh and she gives me the smile I've been waiting for aka the "fuck me" smile.  I promised her I wouldn't go into details, so I'll sum it up in a few words.  Bed, bed, shower, bed, sleep.

It was so easy to fall asleep with her in my arms and I think that was the first time she told me she loved me or I could of been dreaming.  Doesn't matter, because the entire night was a dream come true to me!  I think I might of finally found a cure for my sleeplessness.  A beautiful, loving girl by my side.

The next morning/afternoon was pretty much a repeat of last night ;) then I took her to Chinatown since she wanted to see how NYC's Chinatown is like compared to Australia's (plus she loves dim sum).  She only stayed for 5 days and the rest of the time pretty much consisted of lots of sightseeing, sex, and "I love you's", but the last day was the worst...

I don't really want to write about this, because it just breaks my heart every time I think about the last few hours we had together...  We realized this was serious, and we were deeply in love.  I couldn't imagine being with anyone else but her, and so did she.  It's like.. when you spend your entire life dreaming and wishing for that one girl.  You guys can probably relate by seeing all these YouTube videos of these beautiful talented girls singing covers and playing instruments and you just can't even imagine having such a beautiful talented girl like that.  Well for me it's like that coming true.  She's so smart, talented, witty, amazing sense of humor and on top of that, beautiful too?!  I remember what first caught my eye was her piano video, lol.

Anyways, the last few minutes ended with a lot of tears and I love you's.  We made a promise to each other that we will figure this out somehow.  Maybe I'll join the Australian Army, or she'll become famous and play at Carnegie Hall, lol.

There, I wrote our blog, happy now? lol
I love you and I miss you baby!
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