My Sunday Mornings and Afternoons

Hello. Bond here, James Bond. I enjoyed your responses from my previous blog, so thank you.
Now for something completely different and...yet so easy to discuss,which is Sunday mornings and or afternoons.

 I'd like to ask the Blogging Community, What do you do on your Sunday mornings/ afternoons? Whether it's sleeping late, getting up early for Church, or telling the wife to make a sandwich, I would like to hear your intake.

Usually for me, after completing a Classified Mission (That I am not at liberty at discussing with you) I wake up in the morning and have a nice cup of tea and read the newspaper. Some people listen to music, but for Sunday mornings/afternoons...I enjoy the sweet silence. Just nothing, but your inner thoughts...then you realize you have shit to do. But that moment of silence is quite work, wife, kids, chores, etc in that split second.

I could ramble on and on, but forgive me I must go. A lady is knocking at my door. I know you'll understand.
- Bond. James. Bond.
      *sips martini*
Uploaded 06/05/2011
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