My Thanksgiving

As i wake up on this fine brisk Thanksgiving morning in Hot Springs, AR, I am at my Uncle Tyler's house. It is quiet and peaceful out here on the golf course. This beer is cold and the bowl of Blue Dream is very tasty. Uncle Ty's wife, Tracy, left about a year ago so the house is, needless to say, clean and uncluttered from when I was last here two years ago. It was his third marriage and her fifth. Go figure. Ty has a son though, Patrick, who is my cousin, is chill as hell and talking of moving up here from Atlanta to stay with his pops which I would do the exact same thing if I were him. Patrick's 23 yrs old, smokes the weedz, does good in school and so on and so on. we got hella thrown off some roxys last night but they're so damn expensive! sidenote: anytime when purchasing roxy 30's, always get at least 3-4 and more if you can afford it. anyways, every year my grandma and grandpa have thanksgiving at their house at it is the best meal i eat all year. See, my grandmother (baca as i call her) is something like 84 yrs old. She grew up on a tobacco farm in North Carolina and majored in Home Economics (when you could still major in that subject) from Duke and had one of the first, if not THE first cooking show on television. That's some major Martha Stewart shit right there! so yea, when getting together this year with family and friends, have a good time. Let go of the shit you absolutely cannot control no matter how much you think you can. Get fat. Drink plenty of beer AFTER you've smoked plenty of nug to facilitate your munchies of all things Thanksgiving and enjoy your time with others. :) have a happy thanksgiving ebaumsworld
Uploaded 11/22/2012
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