My thoughts on ACORN

So we've been hearing alot about ACORN from the McCain campaign in the past few weeks. They are attempting to link Obama with some voter registration fraud issues which I think is rediculous. First of all Obama's connection to the issue is very loose at best but that isn't my biggest beef with this tactic. My question is, who is really concerned about this effecting the vote. Does anyone really believe that Mickey Mouse is really going to show up to vote in California. Sure the name may be on the registration list but there is no chance that anyone will walk into a polling place and try to vote. What happened is simple to explain with pure laziness. ACORN paid workers to register people to vote and a few of their workers got the bright idea that it's easier to just make up some names and they could save themselves the footwork. It's like Mitch Hedberg said, "I had a paper route when I was a kid. I had to deliver to 200 houses...or one dumpster." While it is unfortunate that people have made a mockery out of our political system (assuming hanging chads and the electoral college haven't already done that) there is NO WAY that this is a left wing conspiracy to elect Obama. If anything it only hurts his campaign by over inflating confidence since everyone agrees that new voter registrations have a tendancy to favor democrats and we all know that these "Jive Turkeys" registered will never show up to vote. This is just a attempt by the McCain campaign to throw up a red herring before the election.

Uploaded 10/25/2008
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