My three year old life

Due to unfortunate circumstances my sisters relationship has disintegrated and she has moved in with me, in the process I have inherited a 3 yr old girl (sister's, I didn't get her in Mexico or anything like that). 

I don't know if you all remember but I posted a blog quite some time ago titled I fell in Love  that detailed my  first real experience with her and up until recently I have been a long distance uncle sending gifts whenever the mood took me ( usually loud and obnoxious toys because that's how I roll) and occasionally listening on the phone while the baby didn't talk to me. Well all that has changed. To start all those annoying fucking toys are now present in my house singing, banging, making noise and generally raising havoc!

Now don't get me wrong this is a wonderful little girl and I love her dearly but I have never had a little one in my house with the exception of visits from friends and those soon ended. I am a man in his mid 40's who has always been able to pretty much do what he wanted when he wanted, All that has changed. 

I have been housebound for about 16 weeks due to an injury and find that life here is entirely different, We get up to a regular breakfast every day,  I am expected to participate in play sessions like throwing balls, blowing bubbles, cutting paper, etc. I have also become very familiar with programs such as Caillou, and Thomas the Tank Engine. Who would have thunk it? Me an avid reader and amateur writer and reviewer completely devoting most of my time to play and educational opportunities (we try to limit the TV). In fact I have become her masculine role model and I  find myself having to dispense discipline occasionally. I haven't just sat down read a book, watched adult TV (CSI NCIS movies) or  taken a nap in weeks! I had no idea how much work a small child was!

Now I know to this point the tone of this blog sounds kind of bitchy but let me clarify, like my previous blog I am finding myself falling more and more in love every day. A smile or a laugh just melts my heart! The look in her eye when she figures something out and the sense of accomplishment I get from contributing cannot be expressed! 

I know the parents out there will relate to this and those who are not will not. (boy that was an awkward sentence) But even though the adjustments and concessions have been truly life changing there is not a thing in the world I would do to change the situation! If you have the opportunity to interact with a small child for any significant amount of time I encourage  you to do it, it will make you a better younger and more vibrant person!

Am I glad this little wonder came into my world? Definitely! Do I get frustrated and irritated when the whining and crying starts when she doesn't get her own way? Definitely! Do I have a better understanding of the trials and tribulations of folks in public have kids acting up? You Betcha! AM I a better and more understanding person because of this experience? Hells Yeah!

All that being said, I normally travel for work and will be returning to work soon (mid April)  Am I looking forward  to it? YES! and NO! I miss my work which is extremely fulfilling but I will miss her antics (good and bad dearly) and will only be at home every 2 - 3 weeks which seems now like an unbearably long time! Hell I don't think I'll miss What's her name as much as the peanut!  I guess I'm falling even more in love with every second!

Making sure we don't have to go potty


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