My Valentines Day

So I had one of the most amazing Valentines last nite. First of it would have been great just sitting in bed with my first love. It was so amazing to have him here with me in Chicago.

But oh kno he planned the whole evening into a very romantic night. First we went on a 3 hour boat cruise on lake Michigan. THe views were amazing. Downtown Chicago is really amazing even more so at night.

Once on the boat he suprised me with a bunch of pink roses. AWWW I thought Id jump him right there and then.

I thought that was all but oh no. He had more suprises up his sleeve. We went to a great comedy club called Zanies. It was soo fun I almost cried laughing.

After that we went to a very intimate dinner in the Hancock building. THe restuarant is located on one of the top floors and the view is simply amazing.

We finally ended up back at my apartment around 3 am . We barely made it through the door when we started ripping our clothes off.

I finally  ended up falling asleep around 5 in the morning. TOday I can barely walk straight.

I feel soo blessed and last nite was one of the most romantic thoughful and unforgettable nights ever.

Uploaded 02/15/2009
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