My Valentine's Day

So Tyaeda and I were flying down the street on my fatguy scooter 2.0 to the most romantic place I got coupons for: Burger King.  We stopped at a red light when some douche pulls up beside us.  "Why don't you ditch Shamu there and hook up with a real man?" he said to Ty;  Which pissed me off cause nobody hits on MY woman!  So I turn my turrets to his gas guzzling piece of shit and tore it to shreds. (Once again, thanks UsedCarMan, Fat Guy Scooter 2.0 is the shiznat!)


"Oh Lard, You know how to make a girl feel special.  Just for that, I'm gonna dress up in that costume you like so much."  Which got me all aroused cause I knew she meant the Mayor McCheese costume!  As we pull up to the drive thru box, I hear a little punk ass voice say "Hey Mike come over here and check out the beached whale about to--I mean uh-- Welcome to Burger King!  How can I help you?"  "Just gimmie 101 combo 1s you little shit!"  I shouted as I punched the drive thru box.  As we pulled up to the window I got wedged between the burger king and the Pizza Hut next door.  Tyaeda ran inside to get help.  "Hey lardass, other people wanna get their food too!" shouted a car from behind me.  "The name isn't lardass, it's Lard_Infamous!!" I shouted back as I let one go sending the car flying end over end to the other side of town.


Tyaeda comes out with the manager, who is just staring at me with disbelief.  "Well, this is just fucking great!, he said, "First Rita McNeil, and now this!" He grabbed butter  and slathered both sides of me.  Try as I might, I just couldn't find push myself out.  Suddenly my little chicken wing came up with an idea.  she ran back inside, and ran back out, and stood at the end of the parking lot  in her underwear holding a whopper.  I got up and ran over causing both building to collapse around me.


we went home that and played Olympic Skier.  She played the skier, and I played the mountain.  How I love role playing!

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