My wife, and HER comments - tell me your story...



This is why I think my wife is so fucking cool... and why I never experience a dull day with her.


She just got off the treadmill that we had recently moved from our master BR into the Family Room, and at the end of 30 minutes of having to hold my 16 month old because he is so facinated with seeing this thing down here and unbent and mom running on it, we are talking about something unimportant and I kiss her, and she flinches and says "Honey, I'm nasty..." and I laugh and tell her she must have swooter and swoobs (sweaty cooter/boobs)

Then she says something to the tune of "Yeah well that and maxi-pad, and the sweat and the bl..." and I'm like "baby baby! enough OK, damn..." grimacing as she laughs at me...

"Well you wanna cheat on the detox... you want Iron?  I got Iron for ya!"  I studder back...

"Is this your new dieatary weapon?" I ask her as I shake my head in mock sadness... "Is this how you plan on keeping me from cheating?  Taking away my appetite with your comments?"  For those who don't know, my wife has me trying her yearly detox shit...

"You want red meat?  I got red meat for ya..." she teases... pushing it...

"I'm going to write a blog and put EVERYTHING you just said in it!"  I say as a I walk away.


Her final words were "atleast you have a wife that'll say shit like that...."


I am HunterDad, and my wife can be delectible dirty whore sometimes when it's just us, and I am wondering, what have you ever said to just a significant other that out of context would just sound HORRIBLE and disgusting?  You know what I mean, some of us do this daily.  Ever see the show "Worst Week"?  There is a scene where the guy and his fiance are bullshitting and his last line is "I will punch you in the face!" right as her dad walks around the corner.... "We were just being... funny." 

Tell me... us, I mean.

Uploaded 01/11/2009
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