My work is done...

Okay, admittedly, I did a bad thing. So maybe not so bad.


Last week I joined the eBaums "KKK" group. It was to exercise my right to free speech. I look at it this way...eBaums is a big supporter of free speech (yes, that can be annoying some times but true free speech SHOULD piss you off once in a while) and so I viewed it to mean:


No one is really impeded from joining any of the "White Power" groups. Not the KKK group, not the Nazi group, whatever. You are free to join whatever group you want. Even if you are black, or hispanic, or asian.


Persoanlly, I thought the idea of a bunch of black people in the KKK group would be hysterical, so I invited some of my friends. They came, and we put up a couple of pictures and comments.


And then the original members started to leave. Oh, well. Party's over. No more fun for now. But, of course, I'm wondering which goup I should join next. I expect one of them will think the idea of pictures of Black Nazis spouting power statements is just great. Don't you?



Uploaded 08/01/2008
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