My Zombie Plan

I understand that there is a zombie plan thing going around on eBaum's world. So I I'm going to make up my own zombie plan. The way I would do it is first I would aquire  a heilcopter to fly around and scout out more survivers.Then I would also aquire a house big enough where i could build a barricade and then me and my surviver pals will go and find food guns etc the guns i would try to find [any gun would be good enough for me] a shotgun possibly a machine gun  my reasons you ask the shotgun has a spreadshot  so it would be better to use the shotgun when u are surrounded by zombies the machine gun easy to reload fast but you only use guns if you have to it would be better if you used i dont know pipes stuff like that you know Deadriseing the video game about the man who is in the mall with zombies well see he uses whatever he can get his hands on a pan a unbrella a watergun anything and in the second deadriseing you could combine objects like a watergun and  a gastank you could make your own flamethrower well anyways when my  team of survivers found food guns weapons we would head back to camp if any zombies got near our fort we would have two survivers on top of the fort and if a zombie got near the fort we  would have the gurad-like-survivers take them out with some well placed shots if there were to be a horde of them we would have a chainsaw and i would go in the horde and fight the horde and my team would be helping me from the fort and i would try to to keep the horde off i have learned from left 4 dead  RIP bill bill sacrificed himself for the sake of the team at anypoint in this apocolypse i would sacifice myself for the sake of my team well thats about all i have to say so im done thats my plan
Uploaded 06/09/2012
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