Myth Busters Internet Myths.



Tonight on Myth Busters, they proved that you really can lift a car with fire hoses. Goats do “kind of” faint, but not exactly.

You can make a large saw dust cannon just like the one you see on the internet. They also demonstrated how they solved the Rubix Cube with their feet and while blind folded.

They managed to lift a car in the air by removing the engine from the car and making it lighter. They used six fire hoses. First they tried to lift the car with the engine in the car and using ten hoses. Then they used only six hoses and more pressure on each one. But even that did not even get the tires off the ground. So that is when they removed the engine and raised the car about 15 ft off the ground. Myth confirmed!

The goats fainting: They talked to a farmer who said, they do fall down, but they don’t lose consciousness. They only fall over when they get scared. Confirmed, KIND OF.

Then they made a saw dust cannon. They took it to the bomb range and tested it. They fired a bunch of saw dust into the air and used a road flare to set it on fire. It produced a huge fire ball. It worked even better than it did on the net. Confirmed.


Lastly, they showed how the myth busters solved the Rubix Cube. One of them did it blind folded and the other did it with his feet. How did they do it? They had a cube that was already solved, and then they messed it up. They videotaped them normally and played the video backwards on the internet making it look believable!


So the basic point here: You can’t believe everything you see on the internet, however, some of them that look fake are not!

Uploaded 11/26/2008
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