NBA sucks

Just thought I'd vent some shit: LeBron is an overgrown bitch who gets his dick sucked by the refs and NBA officials

The NBA has lost me as a fan because in the Cavaliers / Celtics series, the refs have ruined it. I watch the game to see explosive plays, not to see the Cavaliers go to the free throw line on bullshit calls.

I'm from Arizona, and I feel bad for the Celtics fans, because they are literally getting the series stolen from them. I understand the league wants to be careful with LeBron, and I understand that he is the poster boy for the future of the NBA, but the game has been ruined. So far in game 6, it has been Cleveland at the line the entire time. That isn't fun to watch, and I'm really pissed. Shooting 18 free throws in a half is entirely boring and gay.

So, in conclusion, this is a big fuck you to the NBA and their officials. You lost me as a fan, and I'm hoping you can someday see that you all suck balls.

Uploaded 05/16/2008
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