If you're a basketball fan and like to watch those sexy sweaty men play, you're either a fag or just like basketball.  Regardless or that, you probably noticed that the majority of players are black. Why? It's the team managers' decision who to choose for the squad and they pick the best. This must mean that black people make excellent basketball players.

I wanted to know why and found a lot of books on that matter. Here's some of the advantages black people get over other races.

Jumping very high and moving fast - black people come from Africa, which is not an easy place to live. People have to hunt their food with spears, often running miles after a cheetah. Cheetahs are some of the fastest animals on the planet. Another way to get food in Africa is leaping from tree to tree for bananas.

Afros - a black man's hair is very aerodynamic and works as a natural parachute. It gives a huge advantage to the player, since he can hang mid-air for a few seconds using his fro. If you wonder why so many black players shave their heads - it's because they don't want to cheat.

Tallness - another advantage given by nature. An average black person is 7 feet tall. That's because it took long before their ancestors figured out they could throw rocks at coconuts. They tried to reach them or climb the tree to get 'em.

Huge nostrils - this makes it easier to breathe. More oxygen = more power.


There's a lot of racist douche bags who make fun of black people. I know it might be a shock for you, but even on Ebaumsworld you can read disparaging comments about them. That's just sick. There are a lot of Asian and Caucasian NBA players which kick ass. It's not the skin color that matters - it's the passion. And it's not true all black people are dumb. There are black Mensa members. Probably. And there's at least one black person working for NASA. Maybe.
Uploaded 04/04/2011
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