Neato ways to Smoka la Ganga.

I was inspired by x22tizzle's weed technique blogs.   I was tired of commenting about what I do, so I'm just gonna write it here.



Usually you'll see me with everyday joints or roaches with my medical clamps, stolen by my boyfriend after getting stiches.  It works for me.    But when I was younger I was always looking for new and creative ways to get high. Hey it was better than ending up like the rest of my friends on prescriptions and cheap E pills.   In doing so, and being around many people with many ideas I have discovered neat ways to smoke/injest the marijuana.


Make Shift Bongs:


- The Lung -

Materials:  Empty/Clean 2L bottle (with cap),  Empty/Clean Plastic Bread Bag, Electrical Tape, Knife/Snips, Pointy Metal (not painted) Object, Bowl Piece & Screen, Lighter.

What this basically is, is a vaccume chamber.   The bottle's bottom is cut off.  Theres a bag put inside almost to the cap, and then folded over the edges and taped in place.  The lid acts as a bowl holder.  You need something sharp and pointy to heat up and poke through the lid in order to make a hole big enough to set the bowl piece in.   You twist your cap back on.  Load the bowl, light it and slowly pull the bag out of the bottom of the bottle.   Smoke will collect. When you have the bag fully pulled out, carefully untwist the cap and then suck the smoke out of the lung. 



- Buckets -


Materials:  Big ice cream container (4L - 5L),  Large 4L Juice Bottle, Bowl Piece, Lighter, Pointy Metal Object.


This is alot like the The Lung,  but more stationary and larger.  Cut the bottom off the juice bottle, fill the bucket with water, make a bowl piece out of the lid.  Load, light, slowly pull the bottle out of the water.  When inhaling out of the top or attached hose (optional) slowly let the bottle drop.  For the hardcore; push the bottle back into the water for a blast of smoke.



- Lazy Man's Pipe -

Materials: Cleaner Glass Pipe, Rolling Papers.


Basic.  Roll a joint, stick it in the hole in the pipe's bowl.  Make sure it's air tight by pretending to puff on it while covering the choke.  If you get any air coming in, it's not air tight, and won't work well.   Light the joint and enjoy.  It's like smoking a pipe, just without the constant reloading and burning your thumbs trying to keep it lit.



- Drinking Weed -

Materials:  Glass Cup (Must be glass... for full effect use a clear one), Freezer, Gel Pen (or any pen that you can take apart while leaving the point), rolling papers. 


This here is cool.  It has nothing to do with water, or tea.  First thing, put your dry empty and clean glass in the freezer.  While you wait, roll a joint.  Take a pen and take it apart leaving the point and the tube casing, taking out the ink stick, and leaving the end open.   Ur basically making a crack pipe... so if you have one of those that works too.   Put the doobie in the open end of the pen.  Take your now frosty glass out of the freezer.   Light the exposed end of the doobie.  Put that end, carefully, in your mouth and shot gun the weed slowly through the pen into the glass.  It will stay on the bottom like poured liquid if you do it slow enough.   To injest your new favourite beverage, simply put the glass to your mouth as if you were going to drink out of it, tip is back, and watch the smoke slip into your mouth.  Inhale it.  It's a wicked buzz... like putting ice cubes in bongs.  It looks fucking amazing.  Gotta try it.

**Note**  Please remember to take the doobie out of the pen before it gets down the the plastic...  otherwise you lose a roach, and it smells like shit.


- Wall Tokes -

Materials:  Weed, Wall, A stronger friend.


Roll a joint, and stand up right against the wall.  Light it, and start toking, taking in as much smoke as you can, slowly moving to tippy toe position against the wall.   Have your strong friend push your stomach, under your ribs, up against the wall. This makes it so you can't exhale, just inhale.  When you've had enough and need to breathe out,  tap your friends arm (to let you go), and then step away from the wall, and exhale.  Biggest rush ever!  Last time I did it, I got a bit of a drunk feeling.




Here's a tip that I also picked up for rolling perfect massive fatties.  Some cigars that you buy in chinese people stores come in tubes.  These tubes are awesome, the cigars ... not soo much.  So you take the gar out of the tube and cut her open.  Take all the tobacco out of it and put the paper back together.  The wrap should hold it's shape for the most part.     Put the paper back in the tube.  And then start packing your weed in.  I suggest hanging some paper out side of the tube, that way you can get the doobie back out easily.  Once you take it out you should be ready to go.  Check your seems. Enjoy.


There's something I didn't do yet, which I really want to do.  Paper Towel Tube Doob.  I'm sure you've all seen those pictures of when those people stuffed about 2 ounces or so in a paper towel tube that was wrapped with rolling papers.   They take the tube out, twist the ends and pass 'er  'round.     The heater on it was almost the size of my fist, telling from the pictures anyway.  




Well I enjoyed writing this blog.  Thanks for reading fry bags!










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