Need help from a technologically inclined person

Hello good people of EBW. I got a new laptop for Christmas (no, this isn't a blog to note how spoiled and/or priveledged I am) but it seems to be having some problems. Whenever I start it up, it'll work for a good 3 minutes and then freeze. Not "blue screen of death" freeze but the type of freeze where the mouse will still move but will not be able to click on anything and is prone to be stuck on the "busy" mode (where the curser is an hour glass). It will stay like this for all of 10 minutes (the amount of time it will take me to get impatiant (sp) and/or pissed off enough to just push the power button.) It should be obvious by now that I'm not that computer smart when it comes to CPU's and mouses and whatevers so I'm asking you good people. PS, no I will not throw it out, apply a hatchet directly to monitor (I did read that blog), or blame either Obama or the government. PSS I'm using my old desktop to upload this blog.
Uploaded 01/30/2009
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